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Thrive is an online training platform available to all organisations, big or small, to help get their workforce prepared and give them the tools they need to thrive in the new world of work. Our online training portal can help your team learn new skills.

  • Accessible training for your teams both remote and in the office
  • Training targeted to where it’s needed most – our Learning Management System helps you assign training, track your team’s completions and create your own training programmes
  • Engaging content – training comprises of videos, quizzes and assessments

Sign your team up today to help them master new skills, prioritise their wellbeing and prepare for whatever the future holds.

Skills for change

Change can come in many forms, whether that be a change in team structure, deadlines or even deliverables, change requires an agile mindset and a set of new skills. The training courses in this package will help prepare your workforce to thrive in any situation, whether that’s on-site, working from home or a hybrid of the two.

The Hybrid Workforce

For many, remote working has become the new normal with Hybrid Workforce courses to help your team better deal with change, plan their working days and thrive as part of a hybrid workforce.

Be your best self

Work-related stress can have huge impacts on an individual’s mental health and wellbeing, and whether your team is working from home or not, this needs to be your top priority. Our wellbeing courses cover everything from yoga to stress management.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion is every employers’ responsibility. This module will challenge your attitude to equity and diversity, and leave you encouraged to be a positive and active contributor to a flexible and fair workplace.

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